Scrolling Responsibly

originally published February 24, 2019|Feeding a Growth Mindset

One wrong click can infect your attitude, your mood, or even your entire day!

A single infected source can be a bridge between the “attackers” and our inner circle or safe space.

Attitude attacks, as I like to call them, can be devastating, resulting in…

1. Loss of Productivity

2. Loss of Appetite

3. Loss of Sleep

4. Loss of Communication

5. Increase in Self-Doubt

6. Increase in Anxiety or Stress

7. Increase in Blood Pressure or other unhealthy Symptoms

8. Disruption of Family and/or Business

Attitude threat is very real!

Attitude attacks cause enormous damage, blocking you from achieving your goals and living your purpose.

The impact of an attitude breach can be on your finances, reputation, or even health.

“One Click” just loves to trick people! It is so great when somebody is fooled by one of his posts. He uses what they tell him to steal positivity from them. It doesn’t work every time, but he just keeps trying. Sooner or later, he’ll catch someone with their guard down not paying attention, and just one wrong click…is all he needs to get inside their defenses and start making trouble!

So, what can we do to increase our attitude security?

Let’s dissect a typical post:

1. Sender or person posting

Do I know, like, or trust the person posting? If not, I should keep scrolling.

2. Subject or Headliner in the post

Does this post align with my goals or interests? Does it seem to be coming from a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? “To Click or not to click, that is the question” If not aligned or from a fixed mindset perspective, do I need that in my day? If I want to help this person then keep reading…if not, I should keep scrolling.

3. Body or content (primary message) of the post

If I have made it this far, does this message lift me up or drag me down? Pull me further from my goals or push me in the direction of achieving my goals. If dragging me down or pulling me away, I should stop reading (even stop to do a few gratitude’s to get my mind back in a positive place) and keep scrolling.

4. Closing or “call to action” of the post

If I know, like and trust the person posting; and the post is aligned with my goals and lifted me up or inspired me enough to take the action or at a minimum show some love to the post by liking or sharing? if not keep scrolling.

If you are like me and working hard to grow into the best version of ourselves with daily attention to my growth, goals, and gratitude…the last thing we want is “one click” to cause us to lose momentum. Or worse to disrupt the progress of those we serve.

We want 3 steps forward to equal 3 steps + a slide forward :)

Join me as I take a stand against attitude attacks. We have an obligation to ourselves and to those we serve to #scrollresponsibly




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